Richard Cavagnolo’s career took an unexpected turn as a stay-at-home dad of three children while living in the small town of Mechanicville in upstate New York. Needing a break from his day job, he enrolled in a series of art courses at a local community college where he developed a passion for photography. Over the next few years, he would juggle his responsibilities as a father, husband, photography student, and freelance photojournalist before dedicating himself to the practice of fine art photography.

Richard photographs in upstate New York never venturing far from home.  He prefers to use medium and large-format film cameras for a more contemplative approach to photography and to produce images with exacting detail. Taking a collaborative approach to portraiture, he captures pictures infused with personality and humanity.  In his landscape practice, Richard’s images are both visually and conceptually compelling, reflecting his  interest in societal and cultural issues. His images have been featured on gallery walls throughout upstate New York and the Northeast. His current project “Confessions of Time in Upstate America” explores the social and economic landscape of upstate New York.


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